Parents' Auxiliary

Since its beginning in 1982, the Parents' Auxiliary has been an integral part of Gulf Stream School. Over the years, its members have worked hard and harmoniously, organizing and orchestrating major events and fundraisers which have benefited the School in incredible ways.

From the Opening Day Coffee in September to June's Graduation Reception, Auxiliary opportunities are many and varied. Although members have numerous on-campus responsibilities, their benevolence extends beyond the grounds of the School. The Holiday Service Project, which benefits the less fortunate in our community, has proven to be among the most gratifying of Auxiliary duties.

We encourage all parents to join the Auxiliary. It is an ideal way to make good friends, welcome new families, set a wonderful example for our students, and simply have fun.

2017-2018 Auxiliary Executive Board

  • President: Norma Dagher
  • Vice President: Abi Donovan
  • Treasurer: Justin Grandic
  • Auxiliary Coordinator: Seran Glanfield
  • Secretary: Michelle Greenhalgh

Auxiliary Committees

  • Auxiliary Meetings
  • Book Fair
  • Bookstore
  • Community Service Project
  • DVD Sales
  • Family Picnic
  • Field Day Raffle
  • Founders' Day (Inside)
  • Founders' Day (Outside)
  • Golf/Tennis Tournament
  • Graduation
  • Grandparents' Day (Inside)
  • Grandparents' Day (Outside)
  • Hot Lunch
  • New Family Breakfast
  • New Family Welcome
  • Opening Day Coffee
  • Parents' Night (Lower School)
  • Parents' Night (Middle School)
  • Photo Day