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In Lower School, we focus on establishing solid academic skills as well as fostering the personal growth of each child. A strong emphasis on reading, English, mathematics, and writing is enhanced by computer classes, hands-on science and social studies projects, exploration of the fine and performing arts, continued study of the Spanish language, and participation in physical education.

It is in these early grades that exploration of the world around them sparks the students' love of learning and active participation in their own education. As they progress through Lower School, students begin to take responsibility for their own learning, actions, and belongings. A partnership of parent, student, and teacher allows children the opportunity to take risks and try new challenges in a supportive and safe environment.

In addition, Lower School teachers nurture the children's growing awareness of the world outside of Gulf Stream and their sense of social responsibility. Each class spearheads at least one community service project. Whether they are reading to younger children at a local child care center, raising money for UNICEF, making sandwiches for a nearby after school program for underprivileged children, or running the annual holiday food and toy drives, our students are learning about the responsibilities of belonging to a community.