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Kindergarten Academics

The Kindergarten program builds upon the foundation established in Pre-kindergarten as academic skills are introduced more formally in a dynamic, rich and varied learning environment. Our small class size affords teachers the opportunity to meet each student's needs. Children are often provided with opportunities to integrate play and exploration into their learning. Projected interactive imagery as well as classroom iPad use complement instruction. In addition to their academic classes, Kindergarten students have library and drama lessons once a week, music, art, and Spanish twice a week, and physical education four times a week.

Kindergarten Language Arts

The Kindergarten children learn what good readers need through Columbia University's Readers’ Workshop program. During this time, they explore themes such as developing their reading life, just right books, emergent story books, poetry, author study, and non-fiction books. All students explore short vowels throughout their Kindergarten year and are introduced to long vowels. Using the Orton-Gillingham, approach, they blend sounds to form words and learn basic sight words. They also begin to make inferences about stories they read and hear. They start to locate information in text and to re-tell stories in sequence. They practice handwriting daily using Handwriting Without Tears and are introduced to basic rules of punctuation.

Kindergarten Mathematics

Using the Eureka Math program, our emphasis is on developing a strong number sense and basic conceptual understanding which is enhanced by a focus on composing and decomposing numbers. Using real world problems, the children learn to add and subtract to ten with the use of number bonds and number sentences. Children are introduced to geometric concepts as well and learn to identify two and three dimensional figures on paper and in our environment.

Kindergarten Social Studies

In social studies, the children examine themselves and how they fit into their world. They also learn basic facts about the United States, its geography, its holidays, and its famous people.

Kindergarten Science

In science, students focus on a variety of topics. The children explore their senses, seasons, the life cycle of a butterfly, and magnets, and they learn about animal classifications, habitats, and environment. The program is designed to enrich each student’s awareness of his or her surroundings.

Kindergarten Spanish

Kindergarten students continue their study of Spanish as they add to their vocabularies through stories, songs, and games.