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Message from the Head of School

Don’t we all aspire to learn something new on a regular basis for the rest of our lives? Not a day goes by at Gulf Stream School that this doesn’t happen to me--and I dare say the same is true for the faculty and students. If this isn’t the case, we might as well turn off the lights, close the shutters, lock the doors, and put out the “gone fishin’” sign. We are a community of learners…sharing, discussing, debating, and solving every day. We challenge our students not only to question, discover, investigate, and consider the obvious, but also to expand the possibilities and think of alternative solutions. One of the values listed in our Mission Statement is academic vigor. We “actively engage students and faculty in a challenging educational experience that fosters the skills, habits, and passion for lifelong learning”. To that I would add commitment--a pledge to our students and parents that this School will continue to address the challenges of learning in the 21st century.

Although Gulf Stream has evolved from its 1938 origins of a school with an enrollment of thirty, there remains a distinct sense of uniqueness coupled with vitality. Students, teachers, and parents continue to grow, and as that happens, our needs change. We do, though, have to ask ourselves over and over again, “Why?” All decisions must first be considered in the best interests of our students. As is true in a family, sacrifices need to be made, compromises considered, and the outcome pondered.

A few days before School began this year, I received a message from a parent whose child attended The Summer Institute for the Gifted, a three-week academic camp in Austin, Texas. She wrote, “I think that in our everyday lives, we often take so many things for granted, including perhaps the caliber of teaching and academics at Gulf Stream School. In some cases, this may be because we do not have anything with which to compare, and we forget--or fail--to see that our school is setting its students up, not only for high school, college, and beyond, but also for so many parts of life, both inside and outside of academia.”

Teachers at Gulf Stream are positive role models for students; they have been assembled based on their expertise, commitment, and desire to teach, and expectations for their performance are high. Teaching at Gulf Stream School, though, is about more than just a passion for one’s subject matter. It is about inspiring and empowering students to develop intellectual curiosity and achieve personal success. The faculty, administration, and staff here represent our single most valuable resource.

Our website will help you discover the advantages of an independent school education in south Florida. I encourage you to visit us in person to experience a school which is distinguished by a sense of family, small size, and respect for its heritage.                                                                         

Joseph J. Zaluski
Head of School