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Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Expansion

The Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Expansion


Our Pre-Primary Division consists of two classrooms for the three- and four-year-old programs; it is run by a staff of five including the lead teachers and their assistants.  The enhancements to this program will involve connecting the two existing buildings, thereby adding space and creating a dedicated area (a third room) for our three-year olds.  This project will allow the School to enroll additional students at the most sought after entry point, ensuring full enrollment.


Further, the Pre-K teaching staff has proposed programmatic changes that will better prepare our students.  However, due to the current design we have been unable to implement those changes.  With the additional space, our teachers can adjust the curriculum to better accommodate the two age levels. Grouping by age will allow more “work time” for the four year olds who are generally ready to be challenged more.  Connecting the classrooms will encourage increased collaboration among the teachers and make it possible for the students to occasionally “float” from one room to another, preserving our sense of family while building confidence and safely making each child more independent. Creativity, and imagination will always be nurtured and this new space will greatly enhance the early learning experience for our teachers and students.


* Furniture, fixtures, and colors represented in architectural renderings below are subject to change.