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Julien Arts & Innovation Center

The Julien Arts and Innovation Center (JAIC)


This redesigned space will move Gulf Stream School in a technologically innovative direction, while retaining the necessary balance between use of technology and more traditional styles of learning. The School feels strongly that to best prepare our students for the challenges of secondary school and beyond they need to have exposure to the newest technologies and learning processes available. Students want to collaborate and they need increased opportunities for project-based learning. With the contemplated library transformation, our teachers can plan more interdisciplinary lessons and make learning increasingly exciting for our students. The furnishings and space will be designed with technological interaction in mind.  The new space will serve as the heart of the School and designed with the intentions of catering to the growing tastes and learning styles that are most appropriate for the age of our students.


* Furniture, fixtures, and colors represented in architectural renderings below are subject to change.