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Support Services

Every talented student enrolled at Gulf Stream School is a respected and valued member of our School community. We recognize that students including those diagnosed with learning differences may face academic challenges and require support and/or accommodations. We intentionally have structured our Lower and Middle School programs so that every student has access to academic support in order to perform at his or her personal best.

Gulf Stream School employs a Learning Specialist to accommodate the needs of those students who require extra academic support outside of the classroom. The Learning Specialist observes students in classrooms and meets regularly with teachers and administrators in order to assess new students and to develop an individual plan for each student that best fits their needs. Selected students from grades one through eight arrive at scheduled times during the school day to a quiet, private setting for individual or small group sessions. Along with School faculty, the Learning Specialist meets and consults with parents about their child’s progress and provides referrals to outside educational professionals if needed.

Our collective goal is to help students achieve their individual potential and thrive within the school’s curriculum.
Gulf Stream School Standards of Ethical Conduct: